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Arizona OUI Attorney

Arizona OUI Attorney

Boating under the influence, aka Operating Under the Influence (OUI).

There is no mandatory jail for an OUI with a BAC lower than .15, but prosecutors and Judges are treating the offense like a DUI, and making plea offers with mandatory jail.

Arizona OUI Arrest

Remember, the police need a reason to stop you and the police must follow procedure to obtain blood, breath or urine for their investigation.  If procedure is not followed, the investigation if flawed and a dismissal may be the result.

The usual reason to stop boaters is for bow / transom riding while underway, wake in no wake zone or operating against traffic.  But I have had clients stopped by law enforcement for "speeding" on the river, bow riding while docking and navigation lights on during the day in the channel.

Arizona OUI law does not penalize Arizona issued drivers license. HOWEVER, your home State may take action on your drivers license if that agency finds out about your Arizona OUI arrest, let alone a conviction.

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