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Losing your license is nowhere near as entertaining as these clips. If you’re being held on suspicion of drinking and driving, only a dedicated DUI attorney can help.

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DUI arrests are rarely a laughing matter, but in this case, it’s hard not to laugh at the interactions between the arresting officer and the individual who has been pulled over. From one great alphabet song in reverse to some dance moves even Brittany needs to add to her iPhone app, DUI arrest videos just don’t get funnier than this one. As hilarious as it can be on video, though, if you’re involved in a stop like this one, be sure to call Parker DUI Attorney Michael Frame for help right away.


More than a decade after its release, this video is still amazingly hot. Fiona Apple’s break-through hit, the video spent months on the MTV playlist, and it’s not hard to see why. From the seventies style backgrounds to Fiona herself, it’s an amazing piece of work. Need redemption like Fiona? Lake Havasu Attorney Michael Frame is always here to help. With extensive experience in cases just like yours throughout the state of Arizona, he’s the attorney you want on your side if you’re accused of being as naughty as Fiona feels in this video clip.


Warren Zevon certainly did his share of drinking as he produced hit after hit, and as he introduces this popular song to a live audience, he takes a minute to explain the story behind the song. Initially written in a bar, it describes how so many of us feel as we tackle the legal troubles that frequently come with a drink or two. If you need help dealing with a few of those yourself, contact Kingman DUI Attorney Michael Frame. The best choice in the entire state of Arizona, Frame is your best bet when you need someone to send you “Lawyers, Guns, and Money” to get you out of what you’re facing.


Chris Rock has had a lot to say about being pulled over by the police department over the years, and this is probably one of his funniest sketches. Despite the hilarity, though, so much of what he says here is incredibly true. Simply understanding what you should and should not do once an officer stops your car can save you quite a bit of time and heartache. One thing you should do in the case of a DUI arrest is contact Michael Frame. If you’re being held on suspicion of drinking and driving, only a dedicated DUI attorney can help. Contact the best one in the entire state today – contact Michael Frame.


In today’s world, our freedom is constantly under fire. On October 12, 2000, the USS Cole was attacked by suicide bombers. The cost was just too high for many Americans – 17 sailors lost their lives to defend American freedom that day. Isn’t it time to think about the freedoms you appreciate every day? You have the right to choose what you do and when, and those 17 sailors died to protect that right. While you may not always make the correct choices, if you’re facing legal charges for drinking and driving, you do have a right to call a Lake Havasu DUI attorney who cares. Contact Michael Frame, and respect your right to an attorney today.

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Suicide attacks always seemed like something that happened in other countries, but on September 11, 2001, any citizen’s perspective on that changed greatly. As two planes crashed into the World Trade Center and one slammed into the Pentagon killing close to three thousand people, our opinions about the freedoms provided to us in the United States Constitution only solidified. Facing a violation of the law is never a laughing matter, but each one of those individuals died as a tribute to the laws our court systems upheld today.

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If you need legal help because of drinking and driving charged, contact a Arizona DUI attorney, as our laws say you can. Michael Frame is here to help.

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