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Criminal charges are always a serious matter, and the right defense attorney can significantly change the outcome of your case.

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Arizona DUI Attorney

Arizona has the TOUGHEST DUI laws in the Nation.

Minimum 24 hours in jail to 45 days, for 1st time offenders depending on what the police can prove on what a drivers blood alcohol content was.

Further, if a person if convicted of any DUI the Arizona DMV shall mandate a Certified Interlock Device (a breathalyzer in your car) on any vehicle a person operates for ONE YEAR! If your not an Arizona driver, the Arizona DMV may inform your home State DMV of your arrest and your home State may take action on your license for the arrest alone.

Your troubles shall increase if you were convicted of prior DUI (from any State) within 7 years of the current offense.

Felony DUI Arrest

Now the really bad news, Felony DUI:  A misdemeanor DUI can be charged as a Felony DUI under the following scenarios:

  •     Driving with a child under 15 in the car.
  •     Driving on a suspended or restricted license / privilege to drive.
  •     Multiple DUI prior convictions.

Remember, there is hope. The police need a reason to stop you and the police must follow procedure to obtain blood, breath or urine for their investigation. If procedure is not followed, the investigation if flawed and a dismissal may be the result.

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